Monday, November 26, 2012

1971 Walt Rogers Four LP / Portland Oregon
Specifically at The Flower Drum Night Club 145th and Division! 
These were the days!  Just over 40 years ago you could be a weekend act at
a decent sized night club, do covers, and make a record!
So cheaply that you could tell Vancouver Washington's RIPCORD Records (of Buzz Martin fame)
that you didn't want them as a label, and that you will start your own label! WALOR? Even handle all the distribution of your own music. DIY was never so micro.  The only place to buy this record was from the left side front of the stage.....but only during a band sanctioned smoke break. 
Only 37 records actually sold. 
The rest sat in shrink wrap, in a moving box until 1986 when Walt finally cleaned out the attic.
A neighbor donated them to a thrift store that sold 5 or 6 units at .99 or 3 for $2 in the 3 years they were open.
Then the landfill.
Rare vinyl comes in many shapes.  This is one of the more rare interest titles usually reserved for nutty locals, family members and relatives, and or wax hounds that always have room for something they don't have. 

THE MUSIC: Nearly all covers, aside from one track.  A couple CCR songs, a Mel Tillis, Merle Haggard's Silver Wings, John Denver, Orange Blossum Special....

Delivered by the twin brother of Red Sovine and the half sisters of Tammy Wynette!   Vocals much twangier than the cords...even on Silver Wings!!!....I take that back.....ESPECIALLY on Silver Wings!
But what seems like a farm league contemporary country cover LP has its moments....
Proud Mary has a great groove chorus! So much so, that a sample addict I know of dub step fame BRUXA, not only immediately grabbed it for looping but nabbed a jews harp noodling that subbed for the guitar trail off! 
Are you getting the idea that there is some funkier sounds than redneck fodder that jump off this wax?
You'd be darn tootin.

WALOR SLP-1001, signed by all 4 members, Produced by Walt Rogers, 
Engineered by J. Andy Thompson